Episode 6 David Swann

David Swann is an artist and photographer who profits creatively by moving back and forth between these parallel worlds. Each move informs the next. His fascination with Surrealism and neo-Modern Abtract Art drives his work in both realms. His early training as a sculptor often emerges as a respect for the third dimension in his 2-d pieces. David’s creative process has been crafted by a lifetime of artisitic pursuit.

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In our discussion David and I reference: Harry Bertoia , Writer’s Block , The Shock of the New , David Hockney ‘s Fleurs Fraiches Exhibit, and Jorge Columbo .

Episode 5 Erin Freeman

Erin Freeman teaches a course on creativity to visual arts students at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her students wrestle with creative challenges such as conceptualization and artist’s block. Hear how she teaches them process and methodology to deal with them.

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Episode 4 Frank Lazaro

Three years ago Frank Lazaro was an emerging photographer struggling to get his work shown.  Now he is President of Atlanta Photography Exhibit, Inc. APE is a non-profit organization that sponsors two extremely  popular photography exhibits a year held each spring and fall.   Hear Frank’s story as Rick interviews him on the exhibit floor during the fall show.

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Episode 3 Mary Catherine Johnson – Creativity Meets Controversy

Rick interviews the Assistant Director of Emory University’s Visual Arts Program and Gallery, Mary Catherine Johnson. Mary Catherine discusses the unique role a university gallery serves in the art community and the community at large.  She shows how the university follows the time honored tradition dating back to the Middle Ages of providing  the safe haven of controversial ideas and the neutral ground of intellectual discourse.

Mary Catherine references Jason Francisco, Julian Cox, Dawoud Bey, Laura NoelCity of Refuge,   Linda Armstrong,  and Andy Goldsworthy in her discussion.

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Epsisode 2 Gail Novak on Creativity

Rick interviews Gail Novak, award winning watercolor artist and art instructor. Gail shares her views on creativity, the watercolor medium, and the art world at large.

Gail Novak's Lion at Jekyll Island

Gail Novak's Lion at Jekyll Island Copyright by Gail Novak. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the artist.

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Episode 1 Interview with Laura Noel

Veteran photojournalist Laura Noel is now an acclaimed fine art photographer.  Rick interviews her about her creative process, her views on art and public policy, and how art can change the world.

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Show notes: Laura discusses two of her series : Deliver Me and Love and Rockets

In our discussion Laura references photographers Lee Friedlander, Gary Winograd, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Beth Lilly and Robert Adams’ book Why People Photograph.

While discussing public funding of the arts Laura mentions the Robert Mapplethorpe and Andres Serrano controversies as well as Richard Pare‘s documentary work of Russian Avantgarde architecture at the Lumiere Gallery.

Stalking the Muse!

Welcome to StalkingtheMuse.com.  This is opening day. Please join me in the coming weeks as we explore the creative process by interviewing artists, collectors, curators, gallery owners, and all others involved in the art community at large. 

Where do artists go to get their inspiration?  What do collectors and patrons see in the works?  What inspires curators to assemble and organize collections? 

Join us all in the coming journey.

- Rick Darby