SEDATA, LLC focuses on increasing client profit via the strategic use of technology to enhance human productivity.



SEDATA (whose meaning is Latin for “knowledge data”) provides Learning and Knowledge Management consulting. Principal Consultant at SEDATA is Rick Darby, architect of the Cisco Systems eLearning Ecosystem and consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, mid tier companies, and government organizations.

Drawing on our team of experienced consultants, SEDATA provides solutions to compliance issues, worker performance, and training needs driven by new product rollouts, new service rollouts, new system rollouts, mergers, acquisitions, cutbacks, or rapid growth.

We employ the latest methods of performance support and learning technology. Whether your needs are a response to competitive pressure or government regulation, SEDATA’s solutions typically provide more effective learning at lower cost and with faster implementation.

Attract & Retain

Organizations have found they can double productivity and worker engagement, slash costs, and at the same time improve employee understanding and retention.

Training sales representatives on new offerings, bringing new workers up to speed, or ensuring employee knowledge of new compliance regulations are all examples of areas where new learning technologies can boost productivity, learning, and at the same time slash costs.

Organizations on the forefront of change have shown that new learning technologies can cut class time from 30% to 50%, reduce training related expenses by as much as 90%, and reduce new employee ramp up time by half all while increasing their understanding and retention.


Workshops are held at your site with your personalized organizational objectives in mind. They may include a series of interviews with key stakeholders first, workshop sessions, and summary presentations, depending on your organization’s needs. Here are some of our more popular topics:

  • Identifying New Products/Services Workshop
  • Increasing Revenue Workshop

  • Streamlining Expenses Workshop

  • Productivity Roadmap Workshop

  • Rapid New Employee Development

  • Vendor Management Workshop

  • New Technology Return On Investment Workshop

  • Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

  • Communities of Practice Workshop

  • Supporting Communities of Practice with Knowledge ManagementContact us for more details.