More organizations are facing more compliance deadlines than ever before. HIPAA, EEOC, Workplace Harassment Prevention, and a slew of other government regulation issues now have real teeth in their enforcement measures. Fines for compliance failure can range up to $250,000 and criminal penalties can include imprisonment for up to ten years.

Responsible organizations want to meet these challenges in an aggressive and positive manner. This includes taking a systematic approach to the compliance process. We call it Compliance Process Management ™.

Now your compliance programs will benefit from a systematic approach to the tasks of identification, training, certifying, and tracking employees. Most importantly you will have records of your compliance efforts created at each step along the way.

SEDATA can assess your compliance efforts, explain how our process and methodology will bring consistency to your operations, improve vital record keeping, and reduce tedious, expensive, and errorprone manual labor. We can then help you design a custom compliance process management ™ system that addresses your organization’s specific needs